Early Spring Tears & Stale Chocolates

The month of February was a bit hectic and somewhat tiring. I got behind on making the pots and had to rest as my job at the big paper factory caused me to be a bit worn out. Maybe I missed some crucial opportunities and should have made pots, but I am trying to stay on some schedule. I have the Spring Show 2024 on the way I still need to finish making pots for and also I need to keep the wood kiln projcect moving along.

Early Spring Tears

I have found that I can achieve big results by doing small things consistently. Although I feel a bit down and may complain at times, I am determined to keep moving forward. Despite my tears making my socks wet, I plan to showcase my Valentine’s Day Vase collection in the upcoming Spring show on March 15th-17th, 2024. Additionally, I will be selling my wine cups that were not ready for the two previous festivals.

I also have plans for attending the Southern Adirondack Homesteading Festival, in Greenwich New York April 26th-28th 2024. I still am not sure if I will be taking pots there to sell or not, as I would need to get a New York State sales tax ID. I may just visit and attend workshops and take pots next year. While there I may to research on what pots homesteaders would like made. I already know I would love to take firmentation crocks and sour dough starter jars.

I have been thinking about and organizing the key activities at the pottery. I aim to work more efficiently by scheduling downtime to spend with my family and engaging in fun activities to rejuvenate and rest. This may require me to say no more often. Fortunately, my great support system helps me structure my work better. Recently, I have been using the Purple Space platform by Seth Godin to connect with others working on projects and collaborate with them. This has allowed me to get group feedback on our ongoing projects and move them forward. Also the marketing and project management advice has been amazing and Purple Space was the inspiration for doing my Pottery Dailies.

I have found that maintaining a regular journaling and writing practice has been extremely helpful in organizing my thoughts and ideas. Now, I want to extend this daily practice to my pottery work. I aim to spend some time every day creating new pots, building up my inventory, and supplying shops more efficiently. Rather than being in a constant rush, making work for shows, I need to move away from the “just in time” approach I may have adopted from my work experience in manufacturing at the paper factory.

Although I have had some downtime, I still have some unfinished work that needs to be glazed. Additionally, I plan to enhance my YouTube channel by scheduling regular live-throwing sessions. I also wish to continue my live throwing sessions on Facebook and maybe showcase some other work live, as viewers usually only see the throwing process but not the final results. As it is now March, I eagerly look forward to what this month has in store for me. One important thing I have learned is that the pottery I create needs to be enjoyable.

Stale Chocolates

Lindsey Carter opened the hood of Ricky’s car as steam poured out from the overheated engine. “Yeah, right there, Ricky. Just as I thought. There’s a slit in the radiator hose, and all of our antifreeze has leaked onto the ground underneath,” she said.

Lindsey sighed, “Well, it looks like we’re going nowhere now. So much for our romantic Valentine’s Day date, I guess.”

‘Well, it’s a good thing it’s not freezing. We can take a romantic walk back to town. I’m sorry things didn’t work out as planned. I was looking forward to the seafood Valentine’s special at the Wyalusing Inn, but now we’ll have to walk back to Camptown and call for a tow.” said Ricky as they looked down the winding country road.

“Thats what I like about us Ricky Benson. Never a dull moment when I’m out with you.”

“Well, I never plan it that way. But thanks for at least saying yes to the date, Lindsey. I must say you do look pretty in that dress. And it’s a good thing you didn’t have heels. It would be a long walk with my bum leg and your sore feet.”

“I always know to wear flats when I’m with you, Ricky Benson. Now let’s get walking, it will be dark soon.”

Ricky then remembered the flashlight he had in the glove box of the car. He thought he would run and get it quick. Underneath the flashlight was an energy bar and two chocolate candies. He didn’t remember placing the chocolate candies in there with his little emergency kit, but there they were.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Lindsey Carter.” Said Ricky, handing her a stale chocolate candy and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

Lindsy popped the hard, stale chocolate in her mouth and looked jokingly at Ricky.

“ Well that was sure nice of you giving me chocolates on Valentine’s day, and now we get to take this here beautiful walk on this lovely country road. I don’t think things could get any more romantic without keeping things proper.”

Ricky smiled at the joke and took her hand as they started walking. With Lindsey Carter, Rickey felt like a million dollars no matter what situation they were in. Ever since she helped him up from the dirt back at the summer music festival they have been almost a couple. Almost, because Lindsy Carter decided they take things slow. She had good breaks that could stop any boy short. She was everything Ricky could want in a girl. Smart, kind, compassionate, quick-witted, and raised on the farm. Ricky felt she was a bit out of his league, but Lindsey didn’t seem to care.

Two miles out, they heard a truck driving up behind them. Ricky thought maybe they could get a ride and stuck his thumb out. The truck drove past them some and then pulled over and stopped. Ricky ran up to the driver’s side window to ask for a ride. It was Big Jimmy.

“Hey, kids! What happened? I saw the car back a ways. Is everything okay?”

“ We sprung a leak in the radiator hose Jimmy and lost all the coolent on the ground and the engine over heated. Can you give us a ride to Camptown?” asked Ricky

“Sure, hop in! I can do even better and run you home. Lindsey Carter! What are you doing way out here with this guy?” Jimmy joked.

“Well Ricky here promised me a date but instead he left me stranded on some road, fed me some stale chocolates, and then tried to kiss me. I can’t find a good guy around here these days, Big Jimmy.” Lindsey joked back.

Big Jimmy laughed and laughed at Lindsey’s response as Ricky blushed a little in the face.

“You are a funny young lady, Lindsey!” Roared Big Jimmy, trying to catch his breath.

“You are just like your mother for sure.”

Now there might not be a real Big Jimmy, a Ricky Benson, or a Lindsey Carter, but somewhere someone is making the best of a bad time. This is a story of my hometown, so I get to tell it how I like.

Written By,

Al Wayman


Creek Road Pottery L.L.C.

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