Here at Creek Road Pottery we hire veterans who bring highly specialize skills to Fine Art. We could not ask for a better team.


Quality & Production Specialist

Your pot got a "s" crack? Not with Shockwave around.

    General Flagg

    Clay & Raw Materials Specialist

    Need to know how much your clay body will shrink? Ask the General. 


      Kiln & Firing Specialist

      Need to know how long to soak a glaze at cone 6? When Torch turns up the gas there is more than reduction taking place. 

        M. Bison

        Glaze Chemistry

        From troubleshooting glaze issues to researching glazing techniques and methods, M. Bison brings more then lunch to the table..


          SEO, Social Media, Web Development, Online Marketing

          Got a website issue, or poor SEO? Puma is all over it like a bad suit.


            "Where you stumble and fall, there you will find gold.” - Joseph Campbell


            I was introduced to clay in a basic ceramic class at Keystone College in 1996.  It was there that I saw the artist and professor Bill Tersteeg turn a large bowl on his wheel. I fell in love with clay as a medium because I was able to manipulate it in many ways, far easier than painting or drawing. After achieving my AFA, I then spent three years at Marywood University where I  completed my BFA in Ceramics with artist and professor Matt Povse. While attending university, I took time off to work an apprenticeship with the artist Sharon DiGennaro at Wild Flower Pottery in Thompson, PA. With student loans to pay off and no studio space, I put my wheel and kilns in storage for a long and sad 10 years and worked in the manufacturing industry.  When we bought our home, I put in a small studio and dug out my wheel and kiln.  It has been an incredible time working with clay again, and I was encouraged to sell some of my functional work by family. I continued almost where I left off.  I have been studying textures on functional ceramics, making conventional forms a work of art for people to enjoy while using them.   I hope you enjoy the work and welcome to Creek Road Pottery.   Al Wayman

            Personal Info

            • 917 Creek RD. Laceyville, PA 18623



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