Things can get real busy, so this year I decided to start early to make things easier on myself.  Here are a few things I plan to try while I am making work for the holiday season.

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Due to high inflation, selling work may be a bit challenging.  In this episode, I offer some tips on cutting cost and a few ideas on how you might generate revenue to survive the hard times.  You may need to be brave and try new things.  For me personally, I  do not wish to raise prices, but I am looking for ways to cut costs in my process while still maintaining quality.

Hand mixing glazes from a base recipe, learning to single fire, moving towards giving classes, and diversifying selling platforms are some ways I discuss here to weather the storm.

How are you all doing in the currently economic downturn? Let me know at


A Free Pottery Cost Analysis spreadsheet free for download I created some time back that you might find helpful!

Janet Holdcraft’s “Blue Dawn”

The Gallery41 Hebrew Jar Collection


The Practice: Shipping Creative Work. by Seth Godin

When you hire a plumber to stop over and fix a leaky pipe, you need him to show up and try to do his best work, or at least meet your expectations in doing the work.  As potters and artists, we may need to practice in showing up in very much the same way.

Allowing the customer to have a positive experience with you can be good for sales, lead to more work, and even on days when you might not feel all that happy about what you do.  I have found if difficult at times in learning to love what I do and even on days where I may not feel all that passionate about things still show up for myself as a professional and get the job done.

In this episode, I talk about a few things that can help you show up as a professional when selling your pottery or art work.  I need to practice all of these things for sure and have a bad time with most.

One book that helped me a great deal was Do the Work: Overcome Resistance and Get Out of Your Own Way. by Steven Pressfield

Do you agree?  How do you show up and do the work when you have an off day? Is it possible to show up and make art when it feels like a job?  Let me know by emailing me at  Also, if you enjoy these episodes be sure to subscribe.  I try to post weekly if time allows.

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While on vacation from the pottery last week, I realized my body of work may encompass more than simply making the art, marketing, and selling.  Here, I discuss seven things your work may encompass in your life that you may not even realize.  If you take time to observe, read, network, rest, think, tell your story, and communicate without beating yourself up you could create better work.  Many things influence the art we create, and those influences show up in the work though our hands.

There are many things to look at when doing prep work and participating in a show to sell your art work.  Analyzing opportunity cost, having the right product for the right buyers, and doing follow up is all very important. In this podcast I talk about the ways I think about shows and I hope you find the tips somewhat useful.

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In this episode, we discuss 45 ways we might stall our work from being put into the world due to fear.  Using Seth Godin’s book, The Practice: Shipping Creative Work.” We discuss the many ways creators use to stall.  I myself may have used all of these at some point.  Have you?

Life can get busy! In this episode, we talk about five time management tips if you make pottery after work.  A little can be a lot when collected.