It’s not just pottery. It’s a lifestyle with art that’s affordable.

Using authentic handmade functional pottery has always been a joy for many folks in all walks of life. From the banker to the night shift factory worker, all should be able to enjoy the art and form of a nice handmade coffee or beer mug. Authentic functional pottery that is used every day might be banged up a bit, mug rim chipped , or have a sense of comfort and meaning you might be attached to. Authentic functional forms can also be a work of art, where the artist can show off a bit with design, color, texture, and many other ways on everyday household items. Everyday useful forms to brighten and spice up the days of routine to the point where art is part of the lifestyle. Using a handmade shave bowl and brush for a morning shave or drinking juice from a handmade pottery cup far out weights anything mass-produced by the millions. Each wobble of a rim, a fingerprint left in the glaze, or a bottom that might sit a bit uneven all says it was touched a bit differently with each one and even in a set no two are the same. I will try my best on my days off from the factory to create work and help you find that special gift for your family, yourself, or a friend that will be used every day. I do hope you enjoy the work of function, color, and texture.

Al Wayman